Photo of William Christoffersen
©Photo by James Falkofske of James Photography and Fine Arts Studio
I have been most strongly influenced by direct metal sculptors of the early twentieth century whose works convey a strength and honesty to which I aspire. I feel that an artistic statement should, like good writing, be bold, concise and straightforward with each element of the work contributing meaningfully to the finished statement. At the same time, the artist must be able to impart a harmonious eloquence that determines the work's artistic merit. To achieve these qualities in a material as unyielding as steel is  the  challenge  of  the  direct  metal  sculptor.
I’m convinced that emotions are responsible for more bad art than lack of artistic talent.  It is for this reason that my works are not intended to be didactic or to convey an emotional message,
but rather to be abstract,  allowing the viewers to provide their own interpretation and,  if
desired, their own emotional involvement.

All this stuff aside, the sculptor should have fun in the doing.

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